What Is Nano Ceramic Tint?

Nano ceramic tinting is a product that offers some of the best window tinting in Calgary. It provides fantastic tinting, excellent sun protection, and has no issue allowing cellular or other transmissions through its surface. Additionally, it can appear almost colourless, which means the presence of it can be hard to determine without a knowing […]

How to Remove Window Film

Removing window film is a straightforward process if you have the right tools. However, it is getting the right tools and using them correctly, which often causes frustration. Luckily, you can learn about the proper tools and the correct steps to take, right here!   The first part of removing your 3M window tinting is […]

What Is The Cost For 3M Window Tinting in Calgary?

 Window tinting gives your automobile windows a darkened shade. Tinting is important to keep UV rays from fading or otherwise damaging the vehicle’s interior. Window tinting also helps to keep the interior cool. When a vehicle is left outside, even on cold days, the interior can become hot, stuffy and uncomfortable with the sun beating […]

Why You Should Get 3M Window Tinting In Winter

Getting window tinting in Calgary might seem like a summer-type job, but without question, you should also consider getting it during winter. But you might be thinking: why would I get window tinting in Calgary, particularly, 3M window tints, in winter?  As you can see from the points below, there are a few valuable reasons […]

What Are the Laws for Window Tinting in Calgary

Although there are many provinces in Canada that allow window tinting, in Alberta, there are regulations and laws against having window tinting. This might seem strange considering that there are lot of options out there to get window tinting in Calgary, but that’s part of this unusual process.  The Laws For Window Tinting in Calgary […]

What to Expect From Quality Window Tinting in Calgary

Whether you need to get your car windows tinted for privacy or to block out the sun, you’ll want to make sure that you work with a good company. In order to find the right company, you need to know what you should expect from a quality window tinting job. This guide will list some […]

Why Looking For Cheap Window Tinting Will See You Getting Ripped Off

In 2019, everyone is looking for the latest deals to help them save money. The same applies to those looking to save money on their window tinting in Calgary. The problem with that approach is that looking for cheap window tinting will only increase your chances of getting ripped off. It is why you should […]

Why Is 3M Crystalline So Expensive?

When it comes to choosing the best window tinting in Calgary, a lot of drivers want a brand that offers reliability, strength and quality. There is no need to go searching for that brand, as there is no going past 3M Crystalline window tints. It is considered one of the top 3M window tinting films […]